We began in 1985 as camping and gradually we were building the current structure of the Sitio Paraiso, where nature is part of every moment of the day, creating a harmonious and pleasant environment.
Striking characteristics of our hospitality are the friendliness and the kindness, making the guest feel at home.
Located in the center of the city in a large green area, with apartments and chalets surrounded by fruit trees in a quiet environment, close to all the urban beaches, restaurants, bars and shops of the city.

The daily includes a varied and delicious breakfast, among fruits, cakes, breads, cold cuts, juices, pies, etc., offering all the energy necessary to start a pleasant day of leisure.


Conscious Consumption
  • Practices to encourage guests and employees to consciously consume natural resources;
  • Coupled toilet bowls with low water consumption;
  • Low-consumption electronic lamps;
  • Bed linen changed every 3 days to avoid waste of water and generation of waste due to washing products;
  • Equipment (air conditioning, refrigerators, etc.) with low energy consumption (Seal A Procel);
Biodegradable Products
  • Controls the quality and origin of cleaning products, with technical data sheets;
Waste Processing
  • Processes that contribute to the reduction of waste generation;
  • Selective separation in containers for paper, glass, metal, plastic and organic
Environmental education
  • Environmental awareness initiatives with employees, guests and the local community;
  • Information on Sustainable Tourism in the guest rooms, encouraging them on; awareness and actions by visitors
  • Encourage guests to get to know the hotel's Sustainability Policy;
Food Safety
  • It uses good practices in food safety and provides employees with continuous participation in specific programs and training, such as Food Handling;

Training and Qualification

  • Provides employees with continuous participation in training and professional qualification initiatives;
  • Employees are trained to apply sustainable measures and have full knowledge of the Sustainability Policy;


  • It offers food typical of local gastronomy produced in the region, as well as in the inn's own kitchen, for the breakfast menu such as breads, cheese breads, cakes, pies, cookies and quitutes;

Cultural manifestations

  • It supports and sponsors socio-cultural events and local entities, such as the Mahalo Surf Eco Festival, which brings together national and international surfers with the presence of great international and national surfers, as well as national level attraction shows;
  • It invests in the community with the use of 100% of local labor, emphasizing the internal and external training of employees;

Customer Satisfaction

  • Conducts surveys with guests, with the purpose of monitoring the satisfaction with the services offered and the good practices implemented;
  • It deals with the comments received and promotes improvements from the results found;